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I’m a creative agency

The Divendo platform offers freedom in Design, stability and functionality.

If you want to work with a platform that is at the forefront of web technology and will allow you the most freedom in design you have ever imagined – just get in touch.

We believe there is a major change in the online space coming where people turn away from the standard platforms like Magento, Prestashop, Venda, Drupal (to name but a few) why not be part of this movement and let us show you what you can achieve and more importantly offer your clients.

Divendo can support business capable of attracting traffic over 500,000 visits per month and over £10m in revenue a month – If you have client who can do more, then just let us know it might mean we need to fire up a couple of extra servers.

Divendo is perfect for...

  • Web designers, Developers and creative agencies who need a platform technology that is easy to use, customise and is a powerful, cost-effective store for their clients.
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