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A Platform built for success

You know your customer, product, price point, market place and sales offering, divendo knows e-commerce.

Divendo is armed with a suite of powerful, flexible and engaging features that address the full range of our clients e-commerce needs.
Keeping up-to-date with the fastest moving sales platform in history is essential which is why the Divendo team are continually
developing the underlying platform. These updates can be seamlessly integrated into your solution negating the need for
expensive website redesigns as the market place changes.

Here is a list of just some of the endless features that are available to all of our plans:

Design & Content  

One Platform, Unlimited Looks

Our platform is not template driven and allows websites to be designed and developed creatively. The only limit is your imagination.

Real-time, Fast Page Creation

Simply browse to the location that you wish to create your page, and with a single click you add as many pages as you desire.

Simple Content Management

Using our stylish WYSIWYG editor, you can edit content just like your favourite word processor. There's no need for any HTML knowledge, we'll even make it standards compliant for you.

Beautiful Galleries and HD Video

Embed inspring image galleries, slideshows and video at the click of a button. Theres even support for 3rd parties - such as Flickr, Picassa, YouTube and Vimeo.

Drag and Drop Layouts

Need to rearrange your content? Simply navigate to your page, and drag your content to where it needs to be positioned.

Uploading and resizing images made easy

Adding images to your pages doesn't get any easier - simply drag and drop your image into place. You can even resize the image too!

Read all about it

Need more than just basic text and images? Out-of-the-box support for articles such as News stories, Events, Testimonials and more.

For the Bloggers

Create your own blog directly within your site, with support for archiving, tagging and categorising your blog posts. Automatically update your followers with new content using our rss feeds and xml-rpc technologies.

Location, Location, Location

Let your customers find you easily, and drop in some popular maps from providers such as Google and Bing.

Introducing Snippets

Tired of replacing the same content across your website. With “Snippets”, you can share a single block of content across multiple locations, making future editing a breeze!

Product & Inventory Management  

Unlimited Products & Variants

Theres no limit to the number of SKU's you can add to your catalog. Create either a single product or multi-variation listing within minutes.

One SKU, Lots of Data

Knowledge is power. Each SKU has the ability to store a vast amount of data, such as common identifiers (EAN,MPN,ISBN), dimensions and price information.

Custom Product Attributes

We know business rules vary, that's why you can create custom attributes within your catalog exactly to suit your needs - they're fully navigable and searchable too.

Bulk Import & Export

Manage or browse your catalog in your preferred spreadsheet editor. An efficient way to manage large amounts of data.

Segment your Catalog

Create brands, suppliers & collections to organise your catalog effectivley. Segments not only enhance reporting, but they can be used for filtering and searching too.

It's in the Detail

Don't leave your customers guessing, easily attach product guides, assembly information and videos at the click of a button.

New Bundled Items & Product Kits

Grouping together SKU's is a doddle, customers can now make a single purchase - and we'll handle ordering multiple items from your inventory for you.

The Visual Appeal

It's proven that people shop by look, why not show the best of your products with our customisable “swatch” feature. Ideal for colours and fabrics.

Advanced Stock Management

Keep track of your inventory across multiple locations. In addition to stock levels, you can also store picking information to speed up with the fulfilment process. We'll even let you know when you're running low on items.

Presentation is Key

Different products sell better in different ways, which is why we offer unlimited product layouts. Whether its a simple layout, or an interactive configurator - you can always choose the best fit for your items.

Product & Catalog Navigation  

Advanced Catalog & Site Search

Fully customisable catalog search, with autocomplete.

Customisable Filtering

Price, brand, style or even a custom attribute. Make it easy for your customers to find the products they are looking for.

Multiple Images

Showcase your catalog with multiple images per product & category.

Image Zoom

Let your customers see the very best of your products with our interactive image zoom tools.

Landing Pages

Get the most from your campaigns, create unique landing pages to promote your catalog.

Stock Information

Don't leave your customers dissapointed, stock information can be displayed at category, product & variant level.

Paging & Sorting

Intiutive and search engine friendly paging. Sort by price, name, position and more.

Breadcrumb Trail

Creates a credible user journey, and keep your customers informed of where they are.

Promotions & Offers  

Multi-Tier Sale Prices

Incentivise customers to purchase just that little bit more with multiple levels of sale price. For example - was £, then £, now £.

Instant or Scheduled Price Lists

Bulk upload promotional pricing to take immediate effect, or plan ahead with scheduled price lists.

Discount & Voucher Codes

Create as many promotiona codes as you need in a few simple steps. A wide range of discount modes is available such as percentage, fixed amount and free shipping.

Advanced Voucher Options

In addition to scheduling, we also offer a wide range of advanced options for each voucher code - such as minimum spend, category derivment and usage limits.

Soon QR Codes

Offer a true multichannel experience by enabling customers to scan your offline banners and advertisements with their mobile devices to claim exclusive promotions and offers.

Unlimited Custom Discounts

Want to try something a little different? With our advanced API, developers can create custom promotion rules to match every need.

Reward Customer Loyalty

Show your repeat customers how important they are to your business - offer a configurable discount amount per customer account.

Multi-Buy Promotions

Buy x get y free, Cheapest half price, Buy x save y - Encourage your customers to buy more!

Free Delivery Incentives

No hidden extras! Be sure to close the deal by using free shipping incentives.

Shopping Basket & Checkout  

Soft Add to Cart

Increase your average order value by by allowing customers to add products to their cart without leaving the product page.

New Click and Collect

Customer in a hurry? Invite shoppers to check the availability of their cart contents at their nearest store, before reserving the items for collection.

New Amazon Payments

Enable millions of Amazon customers to use shipping addresses and payment information in their Amazon.com accounts. Customers complete purchases quickly and conveniently, without ever leaving your website.

Make a Wish

Invite your customers to place your products on a wish list for future purchase. When returning to your site, customers can now fill up their carts faster than ever before.

Part Payments & Deposits

Increase conversions for extended lead time products by allowing part/deposit payments.

Postcode Lookup

Save time, and prevent data input errors by enabling our efficient postcode lookup feature on your checkout pages.

Seamless Checkout

Reduce abandoned carts and lost sales with an intuitive customer checkout. Ease shoppers through the checkout process using either a wizard style or all-in-one checkout page.

Industry Payment Methods & Gateways

Seamless integration with the industries most popular payment processors such as Sagepay, Worldpay, Cardinal Commerce, Authorize.net and Barclays Merchant Services.

Flexible Card Charging

Choose the payment model that best suits your business. Instant settlement, Authenticate only or Authenticate and Authorize.

Google Checkout

Merchants can offer Google Checkout to their customers as an additional checkout option, while ensuring that the transaction is fully integrated and synchronized with their ecommerce processes.

New Paypal Checkout

Increase your conversion rate by upto 7% by enabling shoppers to use the familiar paypal checkout process.

New Deliver to Store

Allow your customers to save on shipping fees by having their items delivered directly to their nearest store or collection point.

Channels, Marketplaces & Affiliates  

Offline Ordering

Fulfil all of your orders from a central, familiar interface by creating telephone and other offline orders.

New Sell on eBay

One-click publish your products to eBay. Synchronise stock and prices and fulfil your eBay orders directly from your orders control panel.

Google Product Search

Dynamic, optimised feed of your catalog directly into your Google Merchant Centre. Available in tab seperated or xml formats.

Affiliate Data Feeds

Automatic data feeds and sales tracking with a wide range of industry affiliate networks, such as Affiliate Window, Tradedoubler, Linkshare.

New Sell on Amazon

Seamlessly synchronise your product catalog with the Amazon Marketplace, and fulfil your orders directly from your order control panel.

Order Management & Fulfilment  

Simple Order Fulfilment

Processing orders doesn't get simpler than Divendo. Update, exchange, refund, dispatch and split orders at the click of a button.

Order Tracking & History

Allow your customers to instantly check the status of their orders with our online tracking features. Also allow repeat customers to quickly checkout frequent items that they have historically purchased.

Customisable Invoices & Picking Lists

Enforce brand consistency with fully customisable invoice and picking list. There are no limitations on design or visual information.

On-Demand Service Notifications

Keep your customers updated by creating unlimited email and sms alerts that can be distributed at any stage of the order lifecycle.

Unlimited Order Statuses

Create an unlimited range of order statuses to manage your fulfillment process effectivley.

New Seamless DPD Integration

Connect DPD Ship@Ease with your order inventory and have your shipping labels printed directly from Divendo with no manual data entry required into Ship@Ease Complete.

Marketing & Analytics  

Google Analytics

Easy to integrate, with the ability to track both visitors and sales. more

Enticing Email Campaigns

Quickly send important offers and updates to your customer base with our integrated email and newsletter system. Stay connected without the need for 3rd party software.

Mailing List Management

Elminate the need for third-party software, by managing your mailing lists directly from within Divendo. Create as many lists as you need, with unlimited custom fields - you can even segment your data to target your campaigns more effectivley.

Product Cross-Selling

Increase your average order value by quickly promoting related products, popular items or with our advanced behavioural merchandising tools.

Shopping Cart Up-Selling

Don't miss the final opportunity to promote your catalog, by up-selling popular items depending on the shopping carts contents.

Order Source Tracking

Track the effectivness of your email, pay-per-click and affiliate campaigns with our simple to use order source tracking features. We'll even automaticlly track the most popular sources, such as Google Product Search, PPC and Affiliate networks for you.

Polls & Surveys

Have something you would like to ask? Use our polls and surveys tools to collect the information you need from your customers.

On-site Search Analysis

Gain a better understanding of your customers, and how they navigate your site with our suite of search analysis tools.

Advanced Reporting Suite

In addition to popular reports (sales,stock,customers) - Our flexible reporting platform enables developers to create exactly the reports your business logic requires, either on-demand or on a scheduled basis.

Google Adwords Integration

Analayse the true performance of your PPC campaigns. Its quick and easy to track sales and conversations in a few simple steps.

Search Engine Optimisation  

Readable URL's

Fully structured, friendly URL's optimised for search engines.

Google Sitemaps

Dynamically generated and control over priority and update frequency.

Robots File

Allows you to control what areas of the site search engines are allowed to see.

URL Redirects

Fully managed support for both 301 and 302 redirects.

Meta Data

Category, product and page-level control of meta data.

Google Taxonomy

Increase the chances of your products appearing in search results by assigning your categories to the Google Product Taxonomy.

Verification Tags

Claim owenrship of your website by adding verification tags with a single click.

Rich Snippets

Acheive more prominance in search results, and supply users with convenient summary information about your pages at a glance.

New Canonical Tags

Prevent duplicate content penalties by telling the search engines the preferred version of a set of pages. Ideal for products that reside in multiple categories.

Performance & Security  

Scalable Hosting

Our private cloud network provides definitive conditions for server hosting. Bandwidth is un-contended, and guarantees 24/7 trading.more

PCI Compliant

Our platform not only meets all PCI-DSS requirements, but surpasses them!. more

Parallelize Downloads

Spreads images across multiple domains to increase the number of items that a browser can download in parallel.

Whitespace Removal

Dynamically removes unnecessary white space in your content to speed up your pages.

Minimize Payload

Automtically sends content over the internet in more compact form which results in a dramatic reduction in download time.

Social Engagement  

Like, Share, Pin or Tweet!

Allow visitors to your site to spread the word, by using our suite of social channel widgets.

Instant Online Chat

Instantly communicate with your potential customers via our live-chat module (subscription required). Not only do we support multiple operators, but we'll even take messages when you're not online.

Product Ratings and Reviews

Increase confidence by adding product ratings and feedback directly to your category and product pages. Seamless integration with third party providers such as Feefo and Trustpilot.

Soon Mobile Push Notifications

Inform your customers of localised promotions and offers by sending push notifications directly to their mobile device.

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