Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about your website visitors, as well as information about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Create a Google Analytics Account

It is simple to create a Google Analytics account. The process usually takes around five minutes.

  1. Go to the Google Analytics site and click the Sign Up to create your account.
  2. Next, create a new profile for your online store, entering a meaningful name for your account, your websites url and time zone where requested.
  3. Click the Create account button to save your profile.
  4. When the tracking code instructions page appears, record your Tracking ID. You will need it to complete the next step.

Configure Divendo for Google Analytics

After you have created a Google Analytics account and have your Tracking ID, you must complete the configuration via your Divendo admin console.

  1. From the Navigation panel on the left, expand the Marketing tab and select Google Analytics.
  2. You will be prompted with the Google Analytics configuration dialog.
    1. Select the Enable Analytics checkbox
    2. In the Account Number field, type your Tracking ID. Be sure to include the "UA-" suffix that precedes the number. The number can be found on your Google Analytics account page, and also in the Google Analytics code for your site.
    3. If you would also like to track e-commerce transactions via Google Analytics, select the Track Sales checkbox.
  3. Click the Save Changes button.

Due to the nature of Google Analytics tracking, it may take a few minutes to verify and track your store. It is advisable to check the Tracking Status on your Google Analytics profile page to confirm that your account is receiving data.

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