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Freedom in Design

The Divendo platform is not template driven and allows websites to be designed and developed creatively.

Whilst we are experts in creative direction, we are also just as happy to work with alternate design and branding agencies where required. We strongly believe that the creative process should assist your online growth and not restrict it.

Our vast e-commerce experience, coupled with the platforms flexible and modular environment allows us to tailor your website to your shoppers needs. By engaging your visitors and creating the best customer journey possible, your company will grow upwards and outwards instead of being limited by a packaged e-commerce solution.

This inbuilt creative flexibility means that different page layouts can be designed for specific categories, brands, groups, product ranges and individual products.

There are no limitations when it comes to structure or design allowing you to present products online in a way that benefits your customers the most.

Divendo website design example

The Divendo team can work with you to:

  • Design and build an e-commerce website around your needs
  • Create a user experience most likely to call a customer to action
  • Help expand your business online and help it evolve
  • Make sure that your brand is represented and communicated clearly
  • Expand your website creatively in the future as your business grows
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