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Multichannel Retailing

Seamlessly integrate your product catalog across global channels & networks to offer widespread exposure.

Traditionally retailers have maintained a single location offering sales and support via a single mode of customer interaction such as a physical store. Over the past few years,this has grown to include multiple ways of engaging, interacting with and ultimatley selling to the customer, primarily via mail, brochures and online technologies.

Advancing technology, has led to a number of new ways of personal interaction like the internet, mobile phones, and interactive media; and as these embed deeper into social culture, subsequently creating new channels for offering product and service

Divendo embraces these developments in technology by seamlessly integrating your online/offline and mobile channels at the click of a button. Our multi-channel drivers include...

  • Store locator and directions
  • Reserve and collect
  • Drive-time analysis by offline locations
  • Mobile website and app integration
  • QR code functionality
  • Real-time stock tracking

The Divendo platform extends this offering with its intuitive ability to distribute your product catalog, either in part or full - to a variety of marketplaces, shopping comparison engines and affiliate networks, allowing you to extend your reach across the internet and assist you with selling your inventory fast!!

At a glance

  • Easily acquire new consumers to build your customer base, thus increasing convenience of potential consumers.
  • eBay currently has over 200 million shoppers.
  • Whilst many merchants consider Amazon to be tough competitor, online retailers can boost sales and generate return traffic using Amazon's e-commerce services.
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